City, Homeless Advocates Clash Over Sacramento’s Camping Ban

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STORY: Despite several arrests over the weekend, activists demanding the repeal of Sacramento’s camping ordinance, are back in front of city hall to continue their protest. They say many of Sacramento’s homeless are forced to sleep outside illegally. One man talks about the consequences of the camping ban for those like him, who have nowhere else to go.

Anthony Rodriguez, 48, faces a conundrum each night. He’s homeless and sleeps in a tent along Arden Creek in North Sacramento. But according to a Sacramento ordinance, laying out camping gear for consecutive nights within city limits is illegal.

He says he has no choice but to camp each night with his partner and their pet chihuahua.

“I don’t want to be out there in the cold, it’s not nice,” he says. “But like I said, some of us have to do what we got to do.”