Two Deputies Dead, Suspects Captured In Shootings Of Three Officers And One Civilian

When two deputies were shot in Sacramento County, I started this blog on As the manhunt for the suspect continued through the afternoon, I kept this story updated with the latest information. Read the full story here.

Oct. 24, 2014 – Original blog post:  The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is searching for two suspects they say is involved in the shootings of three deputies in Sacramento and Placer Counties Friday.

Police believe two heavily armed suspects, a man and a woman, were involved in the shooting of a deputy near the intersection of Arden Way and Ethan Way after 10 a.m. in the parking lot of the Motel 6.

Lisa Bowman with the Sheriffs’ department says the deputy was investigating what he considered to be a suspicious vehicle. She says as the deputy approached, someone inside the vehicle fired multiple rounds.

Three subsequent carjackings were reported following the shooting.

The suspects are believed to have carjacked a vehicle at Howe and Spanos Court, another on Dornajo Way and a third on Castec. Bowman says one of the carjacking victims was shot and is in surgery.

Authorities were looking for the last known vehicle that the suspects were in — a Red Ford F-150 with license plate 8J34411.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department say the red ford pickup may have been found in the city of Auburn. A search is underway near the American River Canyon Overlook Park, according to multiple media reports.