Use Of Force Project

I collaborated with a reporter to collect and visualize data around use of force numbers among 22 law enforcement agencies in Sacramento. I ended up reporting on a web story on the lack of consistent data around use of force.

Experts: Data On Policing Practices Inconsistent Throughout U.S.
Calls for greater police accountability have grown louder in recent years. Yet experts say there’s not enough consistent data to get the full picture of policing practices in the U.S. and whether they’re unfair toward certain communities.

A Look At Use Of Force Data: 22 Law Enforcement Agencies
Capital Public Radio filed California Public Records Act requests for details on use of force incidents with 22 law enforcement agencies in the greater Sacramento region. We found each department tracks the data differently.

Sacramento Received More Water Waste Complaints Compared To Most Suppliers In California

I wrote and produced a spot story for broadcast. I also wrote the web story, created the tables and produced the map.

Story: Sacramento received 3,100 water waste complaints in the month of April — the most out of nearly 400 agencies in the state.

Even when taking into account population, Sacramento still ranks high for water complaints in April, according to the Department of Water Resources.

“I think the Sacramento community is more aware of what’s happening. We’ve done a great job of educating the public,” says Rhea Serran, a spokeswoman with the Utilities Department.

She says that focus on education has resulted in a more vigilant public.

“They have been very helpful to let us know what’s happening in their communities and, but we also want to embrace that it’s not just about them letting us know that their neighbor is watering, but they’re educating themselves on ways that they can save water in and out of their home,” she says.

Water Waste Complaints Drilling Through the Drought: A Look At Well Drilling Activity In The Central Valley

I was the digital producer for this project and assisted the reporter in gathering, cleaning up and visualizing drilling data in the Central Valley. Find our full report here.

Intro: In rural areas like California’s Central Valley, private wells are a common source of household drinking water. The state of California estimates two million people in the state rely on private well water or other unregulated underground water sources.

0225 drilling the drought 1

0225 drilling the drought 2

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